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creating a nat live in art canvas (production photo)

Sustainability is one of the most important core values to us. We are constantly working on improving our sustainable process and reducing our carbon footprint. nat. live in art. does this by having a made-to-order only policy and by partnering with print studios all over the world to make sure your order is created as close to you as possible, reducing the shipping distance and time.



Each nat. live in art. item is made-to-order, which means once you place the order, we start working to get it to you. It takes time to create and send out the piece, but making each order on-demand avoids overproduction. This way we are all part of the sustainable movement. 



It takes 2-7 days to create nat. live in art. pieces including: art canvas', flip flops, towels, art cards, laptop sleeves, carryalls, phone cases, blankets and cushions. The production times may vary depending on the demand and the season. Please allow extra time for production during Christmas period and world pandemic lockdowns.

nat live in art canvas


To help reduce carbon footprint we create your order as close to you as possible, for example if you live in Dublin and you order flip flops, they will be made in our partner print studios in Barcelona or Latvia. If you live in San Francisco and you order the same flip flops, they will be create in our LA partner print studio.

85% of all fashion fabrics end up in landfills. We believe our sustainable 🍃 production approach is the future of online textile and accessories retail, reducing carbon footprint for a greener, happier planet. 

Our partner print studio locations are all over the 🌏  globe to ensure our carbon footprint is minimal. So when you order a nat. live in art. piece it will be created in one of the following locations depending on where you want it to be delivered:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Riga Latvia
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Tijuana, Mexico
  • Charlotte, Northern Carolina, USA
  • Amakusa, Japan
  • Brisbane Australia
  • Victoria, Australia

This not only allows us to affordable delivery costs but it's also kinder to the environment.

Not all items are made at every partner print studio, therefore your items may arrive in separate packages or / and on different days. You can track your ordered items using the tracking number sent to you by email.  


We partner with some of the best global carriers to bring you the most affordable and reliable delivery options whilst being conscious of our carbon footprint. These are our shipping partners:

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • Latvija Pasts
  • DPD



Our global average shipping time is 4 business days depending on where in the world you are. To estimate when to expect your order, add the production time (above) to the estimated delivery time. See map below:


We create your order at the closest possible location to you which reduces delivery distance and costs ensuring our deliveries are reliable and affordable. 

Occasionally delivery cost may fluctuate depending on carriers charges, we update them as soon as we can. In fact the majority of changes are a reduction in price. This is because as we partner with new print studios around the world, we can offer delivery for less. In 2020 this happened in Australia, NZ and Japan. 


View our shipping costs here.