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It snowed!

Natalie Forrester

DECEMBER 20, 2021

Have you ever had a white Christmas?


I'm still waiting for mine… yes, I know, I'm 39¼, but my inner child and I still bounce out of bed on Christmas morning to peer out the window.


That's Wolfie👇 (my actual child) 


In Kékestető* last weekend, the air is so clean and pure, there's a clinic up there for people with lung conditions.


*approx. 200km from where we live


I can finally justify getting my own skis! 🎿


The slopes are gentle, but what's fab about living on mainland Europe is that we can drive to The Alps in about 12 hours for some reds 🏔 or even Poland in about 4 hours.


Laz and I are ying and yang but our common denominator is going on wild adventures… poor Wolfie, he has no idea what he's in for 😂


My next collection of paintings feature lots of serene, icy blues, greys and whites, I can't wait to show you.