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We are all Mothers

I've started a new collection based on purple!

Did you know?

In colour psychology purple is associated with bravery, wealth, mystery, fantasy, individuality and even spirituality. 

But most of all:

Purple is the colour of creativity 💜

I'm creating this collection bit by bit, and for the first time ever, I'm releasing custom designed prints with the original.

Pantone Very Peri Color of the year 2022

Above: Pantone colour of the year 2022 is Very Peri, it's a mix of  purple  and peri winkle blue


This time of year I always think of my creator, my incredible, loving and supportive Mum, Dorothy. Her birthday is close to Irish Mother’s Day (27th March), so March is Mum month for me.

My Mum Dorothy Forrester

I must admit I was not the biggest fan of Mother’s, Father’s, Valentine’s day as I feel that many people are unintentionally excluded. Especially as learning recently that becoming a mother myself was a complete fluke, as I was unknowingly entering premature peri-menopause.

That's why I created this artwork: ‘We are all Mothers’

Motherhood is a colourful whirlwind in which we must assume nothing, go with the flow, learn on our feet. It’s unpredictable, it’s messy, it turns our beautiful homes (and worlds) upside down, it’s exhausting, its overwhelming and it’s much more difficult than anyone let on.

Kind of like creating your own business, honing your craft, mastering a skill, creating your art: music, writing, whatever that may be. That’s why I created ‘We are all Mothers’

As my Mum reminds me, it’s a thankless job (LOL Ma!), there is no big reward at the end, there are just moments. But you have to be present to notice them, you can’t wait for things to be calm and have that big house on the hill. 

Because that's all we have in the end: a montage of fleeting moments. 

A creator's moment may be watching the joy on little face(s) as bubbles are blown into a spring blue sky (before the container is accidentally tipped out and ear piercing hysterics commence). 😂

colourful wall art print

Or that moment when the audience goes wild, 🎸your words are published, your product sold, the day you made a tidy profit or the perfect cake baked, or that day your dog didn’t wet the carpet when the postman rang the bell.

We are all creators.

colourful triptych over sofa

We are all Mothers. 


Let this artwork remind us to pause the whirlwind, and mentally snapshot the fleeting moments.

Memories made.


Keep up the love, 

Natalie 👩‍🎨

original painting and print

Just a wee note:👇


Sustainably Created Prints 🍃

To reduce carbon footprint all my canvas wall art prints are made to order using vegan inks


Delivery of Prints 🚛

Please allow 2 - 4 days for production and 8 - 12 working days for delivery. So if you want to collect for Mother's Day (27th March) one or all three prints, I highly advise to order today or tomorrow for your best chance to receive them on time. Apologies for the late notice 😳


Delivery of Originals ✈️

All original art paintings enjoy complimentary express, tracked delivery worldwide. Wednesday 16th March is the last day to order for Mother's Day.


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