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Watermelons, electricity, commissions

A few art collectors friends have reached out asking if I will still be doing commissions during the next two decades while I work on my big Ulysses project and the answer is:

YES! I'm still doing commissions!

I wouldn't expect anyone to wait around for twenty odd years for a commissioned piece of art for their home 😳

But I'll only be doing a limited amount per year, especially coming up to exhibitions (news coming soon… watch this space Natalie 😉)


👆Above is a commission I completed for purple lover, Maria 👆 ‘Soul Explorer’ It was actually a Birthday gift surprise, I was briefed by her son in secret! 


👇 Below is ‘Bird’s of Paradise' for an orange lover in Dublin,👇 also a Birthday gift, but I was briefed directly by the client over email, with words like ‘volcanic explosion, energy giving, warm’. Can you see it Natalie?



The next one👇 below, ‘Aloe Vera’ was for green lover, Rebecca in Co. Dublin 😍 She enjoyed learning that green has a soothing, calming effect, and wanted more in her home. 


Laz was devastated packing up this painting, its his favourite, I don't know if I'm forgiven yet Natalie!



Check out my tiny watermelon!


I can't even begin to tell you the excitement Natalie, when I found this little watermelon in my garden! So tiny!


I wonder if she (the watermelon) has any clue that she's only at the beginning of her journey?


My Ulysses projects might not bear fruit in a season like this little watermelon, but its shelf life will be substantially longer! I hope all 933 artworks will keep giving joy for decades, maybe even centuries if they find the right homes.


Number 001 of 933 frames

There's Laz making the first frame 👇 his body language is him trying to cope with the 35 degree heat in the ‘cool’ basement, as central Europe gets hit with a heatwave.


In other news… just in!

We finally got more electricity in our future home (little ruin)!! At lunchtime on Wednesday, the 6 week wait was over, and now finally Laz can power a pneumatic drill, and break through 5 cm of concrete in our future bathroom to lay waste water pipes. 


No he's not a plumber, with zero plumbing experience…. this should be fun 😂, I'll be bringing you along for the eventful ride Natalie, don't worry, you'll hear everything!


Wish us good luck! 😳

Natalie 👩‍🎨