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No artwork naming drama for the next 20 years!

Good news, we are getting more amperage ⚡️ this day next week, so it'll be all hands on the power tools renovating the house. 

Courgette or Zucchini? 

Check out my little zucchinis! Which reminds me, I got stick on Instagram during the week for calling them zucchinis instead of courgettes 😳

I just love the sound of the word… zucchini, it is so much fun to say! Which do you prefer? 

Growing zucchinis in Hungary

6 years married… feels like 10 😂

Blame it on parenthood or the pandemic, but my goodness I feel like we got hitched a lifetime ago!

Wedding in Balatonfured Hungart

👆 6 Years ago in Balatonfüred 👇 3 days ago in Budapest

Natalie Forrester Artist, Laszlo Orosz Chef

I've started my 20 year project…

I'll feel like I'm married to Ulysses very soon 😂 The Irish Ambassador to Hungary, Mr Ronan Gargan, asked me (last weekend at the Bloomsday brunch in Budapest), what edition I was going to use to create my ‘one artwork per page’ project. 

Phew…. I was prepared for that question! I'm going to use Penguin's version of Ulysses, in the spirit of accessibility to all.

Get your copy here in Easons (Ireland)


Natalie Forrester Ulysses Artist

I'm looking forward to no ‘naming’ drama, as I'm going to use the page numbers of Ulysses… 001 to 933 😳

I don't know if I ever told you Natalie but it is such a drama naming artworks, like for instance, this artwork below: 

Blue abstract art

I first named it 'Troy' as blue is known as the colour of trust, and I get a kick out of the irony that banks use blue in their branding, plus it kinda looks like a horse's head. 

But just before I released it thought that was too out there and renamed the artwork Plunge

Do you think I was onto something?

blue abstract art

Check out what our neighbour gave me!

Last Saturday night I was out in the garden watering my little watermelons... 🍉

Growing watermelon in Hungary

I waved at our neighbour who was up a ladder picking his cherries, when he motioned to me to meet me on the road. 

He hands me this big bucket of freshly picked cherries (approx. 2kg) and said “New neighbour gift, for your health!” 😊  

Cherries in Hungary

How incredibly lovely is that? Well, I think he said that, it was all in Hungarian, but I caught the gist!

As I'm a member of the Irish Hungarian Business Circle I'm back in the Irish Ambassador's residence in Budapest next Monday to help organise the St Patrick's Day Parade 2023. That should be interesting, I'll let you know how it goes! 

Until next time, All my best, Natalie 👩‍🎨