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Thank you to The Irish Times Abroad for sharing my story

Natalie Forrester her son Wolfe in The Irish Times newspaper Feb 2023

My son, Wolfie, and I are in the Irish Times Abroad section today (13 February 2023). I wrote about why my husband, László and I decided to stay in Hungary as appose to Ireland. 

THE IRISH TIMES ABROAD - 13 February 2023

The hardest thing I’ve ever done was take my child away from his Irish granny and grandad, but I knew we could give him a better upbringing here in Hungary. A life like the one my parents gave me in Lucan in the 1980s.

I met László, my Hungarian husband, on Merrion Square, in Dublin, in 2012. Our only child, Wolfe, was born in Ireland in 2018.

I am a visual abstract artist and yoga teacher. Laz is a chef, studying accountancy – a pandemic-proof career – but his passion will always be in the pot. He brought me here in 2021 to get a second opinion on the debilitating symptoms of what I now know is early-onset perimenopause.

In Ireland we felt like we were collecting receipts from private hospitals rather than answers on our quest to figure out what was “wrong” with me. My perimenopause is about 10 years earlier than most. I need to manage it with a complete lifestyle change, doing what I was meant to do – art – eating nourishing food and practising yoga.

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