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St Brigid's Day 2023 Art Exhibition Budapest

Honoured. In a word, I am honoured to be asked by the Irish Ambassador here in Hungary, Ambassador Gargan, to be part of a 3-woman contemporary art exhibition at The Space Gallery in Budapest, as part of the global St Brigid's Day events celebrating creative women. 

I will be exhibiting my work along side Horváth Lóczi Judit and Fekete Szilvia. The exhibition will be curated by Bérczi Linda and will be open from 2nd - 10th February 2023.


We'll be there on Friday 3rd February from 17:00 onwards, come and view our art and have a chat! Here is the google maps link:

Here is the Facebook Event link:

This is my text for the exhibition, which has been named: 'Even Beyond That'

Még azon is túl ... / Even beyond that .  


Even beyond the fact that it’s been over a year since I started on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for acute peri-menopause symptoms, creating abstract art is still a paramount part of my everyday life. HRT is not a cure, I still have to balance my lifestyle with quality sleep, nourishing food, movement, yoga and meditation.

After meeting my husband, László, a decade ago mid-June on Baggot Street Dublin, we now reside in relaxing, rural eastern Hungary. A leafy village called Sóstóhegy, where cherry trees bloom and willows whisper wisdom.

 Creating abstract art is my form of moving meditation. In fact, it was the first alternative therapy, as such, that helped ease my peri-menopausal symptoms. That was before I even knew ‘what was wrong with me’, when no doctor would give me a definitive answer.

I realised painting colour-focused art helped me feel more myself again. I’m a colour theorist. I study colour psychology. Colour soothes my soul. Green eases my anxiety, magenta helps me rationalise, red gives me strength, blue calms, whilst purple inspires.

The creation of colourful abstract art helps me to process emotions, the full spectrum, from grief to love. Some emotions can be soothed during the creation of one painting, others will take a lifetime, like that of my unconditional love for my son.

It was a warm August morn in The Liberties, Dublin over four years ago, where I first laid my eyes on my sweet baby boy in his loving father’s arms. ‘Ah, there you are! I’ve loved you for nine months already, welcome to the world Wolfe’.

 Tears of joy and apprehension streamed down my puffy, puce face, as I pondered, how can my child ever grasp the depth of his mother’s love? To the ends of the earth…

That coupled with the more recent processing: I’m unable to give my son a sibling. This is due to the unexpected, early onset of menopause, commencing approximately ten years earlier than most. I had always said ‘two children or none’. My reason being, I have three siblings and I cannot imagine a world without them. I can’t give my son what my parents gave me, two sisters and a brother, incredible, unique beings. No, a dog won’t do. I must think bigger.

Processing, processing, painting and processing, the idea burst through the seams of winter. As I painted purple in early spring 2022 the Joycean conception was conceived. After all, in colour psychology, purple is the colour of creativity, so it is only fitting that the most ambitious project of my life to date, would be conjured up in the months creating my purple collection ‘Encapsulating Creativity’. Coming to fruition during the creation of the unabashed triptych, BURST!

Still at the embryonic stage, like a cautious mother, I kept the concept to myself as I got used to the idea of the weighted responsibility. Once it was out in the world, there would be no taking it back. This art project would be a huge commitment, most likely taking over 20 years to complete - that’s longer than a second child would be of an age to leave the family home.

 It wasn’t until late May 2022 when I took the plunge and dared to tell a soul, my dear friend, Tree. Our friendship began twenty years ago at NCAD (National College of Art & Design) as hops hung heavy in the air on Thomas Street, Dublin. 

Tree was over visiting, curious to see my new home in Hungary. We were spending a luxurious afternoon soaking in my new local: thermal baths in neighbouring Sóstógyógyfürdő. Surrounded by a thousand acre oak forest, we were enveloped in a sea of green, blue skies overhead as clear as the Adriatic, neon orange Italian drinks in hand, the willows waited as I whispered:

“I’m going to create one original artwork per page of James Joyce’s book Ulysses. The edition I’m going to draw my inspiration from has 933 pages. It will take over two decades to complete. What do you think?

The colours pop off the page to me. I MUST document them. As an expat, like Joyce, Ulysses helps me connect to Dublin on a daily basis, and although Wolfie will grow up here in Hungary, this will ensure he will never be far from Irish art and culture.

 My project ‘The Colours of Ulysses’ will consist of 933 original artworks, and as they are collected around the world, they will connect a network of Joyceans and art collectors alike.

 László will help me create a night sky map of the world, and Wolfie can place a golden pin, like a shining star, where each piece of Ulysses art resides in its new home. Perhaps a map for future global adventure, or perhaps, an artwork in itself, titled: To the ends of the earth, and even beyond that...

‘It’s a strong idea Natalie, do you think you’ll finish it?’ one Dublin woman asked another, as they floated contently in a warm, snot green pool in eastern Hungary:

…yes I said yes I will Yes.

 Sóstóhegy - _______ - _______, 2022 - 

Natalie Forrester