Current Exhibition: 2nd Feburary 2023, 'The Space' Budapest in association with the Irish Embassy

Day 4: The Wall Part 2 😂

Day 4: It's not as easy as it sounds to demolish a mud and straw wall! 

This outhouse building will be our kitchen. It will be extended out by one meter and will have a sliding door leading onto a sun-drenched outdoor seated area. I can not wait to sit there sipping mojitos in the summer sun right where those bricks are. Do you think we can do it before this summer?


The back story

Hi! Natalie the Irish artist here! I live in rural Hungary with my Hungarian husband László. Laz said he'll build me a garden art studio, but first I have to help him renovate vályogház an old mud and straw house kocka vályogház in Sóstóhegy, Nyíregyháza, Hungary.

The vályogház house was built in 1967 and has been vacant for over 15 years. It is a typical farmhouse from the 60s here in Hungary, nicknamed 'a cube house’ or in Hungarian kádár kocka.

We've been watching self build YouTube videos for 4 years now, especially #couplesbuild and most recently since moving to Hungary, kocka vályogház felújítás meaning straw and mud cube house renovation.

This is our dream home, we can visualise exactly how it will look, now it is just about making that dream become reality with some hard work and great music. 

I hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Wish us luck!

Natalie & László