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📘 Ulysses Page 003, Laz (the hub) begged me not to ever sell it!

ruptured my knee dancing to Brittney at the local disco… true story! I am more of a rocker than popper, but once ‘Oops I did it Again' came on, I was 16 and carefree again.

 Alas, my knee did not agree with my newfound youth, I hobbled home, have been on bedrest for all of August, had an MRI yesterday, and just found out I need surgery ASAP!

You see, I was on top of the world, as I had just finished Ulysses 003 and upon showing Laz, he promptly begged me not to ever sell it. 

He must be a fan of snot green! 

Well, actually, there are plenty of shades of green in my interpretation of Ulysses Page 003, as I suspect Joyce knew there was more than one shade, just like the greens of the Irish Sea.

I'll show you my first collection of Ulysses art when I get to about Page 008, I'm aiming for before Christmas… knee compliant of course, as I tend to dance whilst I paint 👩‍🎨💃

I'm thinking it may be fun to let you guess which painting is which page, for instance, below👇 is page 002 of Ulysses, and above 👆 is a sneak peak of said page… can you see some of the colours? 

Until then, I'm keeping myself busy crocheting… 

Wolfie has ordered an Óvoda (kindergarten) blanket. They have little stackable beds and all go for a nap in the afternoon… I wish he'd go for one now, it's 37 degrees and I'm knackered!

If you don't hear from me for a while its because the next few months are full steam ahead….

I turn 40 in early Sept 🍾🥂, Laz has a Bord Bia cheffing 👨🏻‍🍳 gig in Budapest promoting ☘️ Irish beef and lamb, we've the 🧘‍♀️Yoga Retreat in Croatia, and then I'm home to 🇮🇪 Dublin for my KH 21st school reunion early October.

But first a knee op! 🤪 finger's crossed 🤞

Keep well, and thank you for your ongoing support and 💜  love of art. 

All my best, Nat 🧘‍♀️