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📘 Ulysses Page 002 after a trip to the Adriatic 🌊

Early July we drove 990km to Split, Croatia. It took the guts of 12 hours, leaving at 6am and arriving just before 6pm for an evening swim and calamari. I'm very proud of little Wolfie with his excavator and his little Irish sheep, called Sheepie of course!

It wasn't all pleasure…

We had business to attend to in Croatia, as we had to finalise plans for our women's health yoga retreat in September. But… we got lots of holiday hours in 😍

It was good to swim in the sea again, the Adriatic Sea is incredibly clean and clear. ☀️ Did you know it's the same sea at Trieste, Italy where Joyce started to write Ulysses? 

(albeit a wee bit more north!)

That may explain how I finished my first Ulysses painting when I came home! 

No it isn't page 001 🤫

Although I am creating all 933 in numerical order, in sets of threes, so they can be hung as triptychs… it was page 002 that I finished. 

Here's a tiny sneak peak 👇

Which of course is ironic as…

you know I'm focusing on the colours of Ulysses and Joyce doesn't mention one colour directly on page 002. 

I suppose it is without the mention of colour, that I can dive deeper and read between the lines.

The first colour Joyce does mentions is yellow

Page 001 isn't finished yet

It may be the pressure of the significant first page that's wrecking my nerves a bit. I'll get there, and I'll keep you updated.

Nat 👩‍🎨